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Our knowledgeable staff includes specialists in oriental rug washing, Navajo textile restoration, restorative washing and de-bleeding of Navajo rugs, dyeing, carding and spinning of natural fibers, and appraisal, identification and analysis of rugs and textiles.

Owner, Rufus Cohen began his career in rug cleaning and restoration in 1988 working for Talisman Restoration in the San Francisco bay area, and has also worked in New Orleans and in Santa Fe. Rufus specializes in washing and removing color run from Navajo textiles, and re-weaving oriental pile carpets.

Andrew Crofton is our rug washer extraordinaire and manages the various stages of the cleaning process for most oriental rugs that pass through our doors. He is the (new) father of Patrick Crofton and lives in Albuquerque’s South Valley.

David Hartshorne specializes in Navajo rug washing and oversees various stages of color run removal. He DJs house, reggae, dub and soul music as “Dave 12” at clubs and parties throughout New Mexico.

Shaun McGuiness is a photographer and musician and specializes in oriental rug restoration at Textival. He is currently photo editor at “New At Home” magazine.

Kayla Paul is a weaver specializing in twill techniques, and is the senior Navajo rug restoration specialist at Textival. Kayla has helped develop a Navajo rug restoration program for the shop that involves extensive hand-carding and spinning of multiple fiber types, and meticulous joining techniques. Her weavings can be seen at: www.collectorsguide.com.

Jas Simmons is a native of Taos New Mexico and also works as a jeweler. A frequent exhibitor at regional craft shows, his work can be seen at: www.jasrings.com. Jas manages the office and oversees incoming and out-going work.

Karen Simmons is a fiber and paper artist and specializes in Navajo Rug Restoration at Textival. She has been weaving actively since the 1970s and her larger works can be seen in Lark’s Fiber Arts Design Books 6 & 7. She specializes in Navajo rug restoration.

Liz Stephens is a fiddle player in the Sandia Hots and is a life-long fiber artist and world traveller. She specializes in textile conservation projects and oriental rug restoration.

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